We are your student government

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We are your student government.
We are ROOT. Ready to serve.

We are SUTD’s very own Student Government, striving to safeguard student interests and facilitate a more holistic SUTDent life. We are here to put a dent in the SUTD Experience! Feel free to contact us for any queries, concerns and collaboration!

Our Services

Feedback Form

Have any feedback with areas in SUTD but have no avenues to do so? Feel free to let us know, whether is it a major area you feel could be improved in the school, or any intiatives/ events you may want to start and require some assistance from ROOT, or even as simple as a nice compliment. The feedback form can be found here. (Insert link in here for feedback form)

Locker Rentals

Too many things to bring back and forth but dont live in hostel? FRET NOT, because we offer locker rental services for students to serve their belongings. Locker Rental renews at the start of every term and are on a first-come-first-serve basis, so be sure to check out the email at the beginning of the term! For more information, you could email our guys in charge of the lockers at: finance@studentgov.sutd.edu.sg

ROOT Cove Booking

The ROOT Cove is a place for one and all to hang out, chill or study, if you like. Find different entertainment options like card games, X-box, even pool and foosball tables, all at the ROOT Cove!

Note: Due to COVID-19, ROOT Cove would be closed for access and booking until further notice.

Event Proposal

Thinking about organising your own event? The Event Proposal Form (EPF) is a must to fill in for students when they want to plan events in SUTD.

Unwavering. Accountable. Collaborative.

We are SUTD's student government, ready to serve.
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