Fifth Rows - Ahh what is this cool, hip term?

They say that all work and no plays makes Jack a dull boy. Well, not here at SUTD. Fifth Rows are our fifth curriculum also known as Co-Curricular Activities (CCA). Whether it's blood-pumping action you're seeking, a mellow vibe to chill, or anything in between, we probably got what you need. If you can't find what you want from our 80 choices, simply start one!

Here at SUTD we eat, sleep and breathe vibrancy!

Namaste Indian Cultural Society
SUTD Bands
Taal Indian Dance Club
SUTD Productions
Refuge Catholic Community
Energy Club
Korean Language Enrichment Club
SUTD Ballroom Dancing Club
SUTD Vocomotives
SUTD Muslim Community
Chinese Orchestra
Chinese Orchestra
Chamber Ensemble
Guitar Probationary Club
Modern Visual Media Circle
SUTD Photogcircle
Dance DerivativeZ
SUTD Wind Ensemble
SUTD NihonGo!
Drama Club
Design Odyssey
SUTD Christian Fellowship
Student Government - Welfare, Minions
SUTD Student Government

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