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Purchase Request Form

For purchases below $300 (Up to $299.99). Fill up the form at least 4 weeks before the event. mail the completed forms over to ROOT finance together with the claim forms.

Purchase Award Form

For purchases $300.00 and above, get three quotations and fill them in the Purchase Award Form. Seek approval from Treasurer and Secretary.

For purchases costing $1000.00 and above, additional approval is needed from OSL, on top of the three quotations

Submit the form alongside the claim forms.

Purchase Order Forms

To be submitted with Events Proposal Form to ROOT finance.

Student Claim Form

Ensure receipt is obtained after payment.

Record the reference number on the first page of the form.

Have all the original receipts pasted on A4 paper. Submit receipts alongside claim forms and purchase award form/request form within 1 month from date of purchase

If additional space is needed, download the annex and fill up the additional information in there.

Reference Number

Record the Reference number on the first page of form in the following format: SCFYY-XXX-VVVV

  • YY: Financial Year (FY) E.g 17 refers to financial year 2017 which is the period from April 2017 to March 2018
  • XXX: Last 3 digits of the club’s Project Code
  • VVVV: Running number, starting with ‘0001’ at the start of Financial Year

Income Deposit Form

Approval needs to be sought from OSL to collect fees from students.

Receipts need to be given to students from the official SUTD receipt book when they pay.

Submit the proceeds from the event, the Income Deposit Form, and carbon copies of the receipts to the Student Finance Services Counter at One Stop Center within 3 working days of the transaction.