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To handover your club, fill this up with the position details, responsibilities and club activities along with the Club Handover Inventory list and mail it to OSL.

Inventory List

To handover your club, fill this up along with the HOTO form and enter the items the club is handing over along with their details and storage location.

Competition form

If your club intends to join a competition, fill up this form with details and submit to OSL.

Annual Report

Pulse Check document that consists of all the events your club has organised in the past year.

Submit to OSL before the pulse check/specified date.

Budget Plan

Pulse Check Document to be filled up with the amount of budget you're looking to get, along with the breakdown and source of the funds.

Work Plan

Pulse Check Document to fill up with the events your club plans to organise in the coming year, along with objectives, description, venue and other details.

Fifth Row Package

A student leader’s guide to forms for fifth rows in school.

Fifth Row Performance Appraisal

Gearing up to Pulse Check, this is an official checklist you can use to check the health of your Interest Group/Probationary Club/Official Club

Process of starting a new student organisation

This is the timeline of the steps your new interest group needs to take note of.

Form to start Interest Group

Thinking of starting a new interest group? Fill this up and send it to ROOT’s Student Initiatives Team.

Form to progress to Probationary Club

Have your interest group been around for more than 12 months and still going strong? This form progresses one step closer to an official club!