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Are you ready to Stay Up Till Dawn?

ROOT presents Night Fiesta 2019: Luminocity, SUTD’s first-ever full-scale carnival, held on 23 February, on the first night of Open House weekend!

Get ready for Night Fiesta 2019: Luminocity, happening 23 February, 6-10pm!

We’re celebrating SUTD’s student culture this February, and that means we’re transforming the campus into an all-out night festival! On Saturday night of Open House weekend (23 February), ROOT is organizing the first ever SUTD Night Fiesta: Luminocity

There’ll be stellar evening performances and night installations, but don’t miss out on what’s unique to Night Fiesta: the brand new XPark! What’s in the XPark? Think carnival-style video games and a tech-infused escape room. There’ll be food and drink stallsgalore, so let us feed and entertain you when you find yourself hungry and tired after a long day of Open House duty. Come grab dinner with us and stay a couple of hours to join in on all the fun!

Night Fiesta Highlights


What makes SUTD special? Come celebrate the “Makers” culture at the XPark! Have a ball playing around with carnival-style video games, and be inspired by a myriad of interactive exhibits, all created by our very own students!

Night Installations

These sculptures won’t be very difficult to spot, and you won’t forget them in a hurry either! Let your eyes take in the beautiful night installations scattered around the campus!

Escape Room

It’s a mysterious night… Test your deductive skills as you try to get out of our tech-infused escape room! Will you be able to conquer whatever awaits you?

Evening Performances

Would a carnival really be complete without some performances from our talented students? Head down to the Jackie Chan Pavillion to watch our fifth rows in action. Be entertained as they put on the show of the night!

Food Stalls

Grab some dinner, have some drinks, and keep your tastebuds happy all throughout the night. After all, you shouldn’t be having this much fun on an empty stomach!


We’re selling coupons that you can use to purchase food at the food stalls and to gain access to the escape room.Coupon pricing is as follows for $10 worth of food/games:

Early Bird

Today until 13 Feb: $8


14 - 22 Feb: Bundle of 4 for $9 per person, Single for $10

23 Feb (Event Day): $10.70

All payment to be made in cash.

Coupons can be paid for and collected at booth outside canteen on 12, 13, 18 and 20 Feb.

Order your coupons through this form:


Links and Event Pages

Follow our event pages on Facebook and the Open House Microsite for more information and updates!

Facebook Event Page:

Open House Microsite:

Coupon Order Form:


See you when the sun goes down!


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