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SUTD Freshmore Welcome Guide

Sup SUTD Family, here are some resources that you guys might find useful

1) Some useful groups to join:

ROOT Telegram Announcement Channel (For Key Announcements regarding root and school activities:

SUTD Family Facebook Group (Back when people are still using facebook, this is where the entire SUTD Community post publicity stuff, etc.):

Request to join "SUTD Family" and you will be added in

2) Useful contacts

Facilities: 6303 6699

Security: 6303 6666

Macs: 6777 3777

IT Help Desk Hotline (Mon - Fri: 8.00am to 10.00pm, Sat: 8:30am to 1.00pm):

6499 4500

IT Help Desk Email (24h):

For any Feedback or enquiries, or submit posters for approval (ROOT Communications):

Fifth row related enquiries (ROOT Student Initiatives):

Events related enquires or EPF (Event proposal form) submissions:

3) Helpful links

SUTD Download page: (Have to be connected to school's WIFI)


SUTD VPN: (Have to be connected to school's WIFI)

SUTD IT Helpdesk:

Guides and forms:

Reset MyPortal password:

4) Essential Software Guide for Freshmores: (from downloading softwares from SUTD Download page to Textbooks)

(Credits to Chay Choong)

5) eDimension Google chrome extensions

Download stuff faster and sleaker look:

(Credits to Yustynn Panicker)

Logs you in automatically and skip the first log-in page:…/jiabiklblmaldoaecfnlgpmcmhgccejp

(Credits to Gabriel Wong)


6) Other interesting stuff to look at:

OpenSUTD (a student-run initiative to share knowledge and tools in school. Check it out and contribute if you've got the time):

Student-made notes for various courses:

Port myPortal Calender to gcal (Timetable tool to put your school timetable into whatever calendar app you usually use (e.g. Google Calendar)):

(Credits to Kwok Shun Git)

DSBJ Telegram Bot (get updated for some free food around school!):


Import SUTD email to Gmail:

(Credits to Bai Jia Long)


Our (dead) reddit page:

HungrySia (Food Delivery Service for SUTD):

Fridge Tinder initiative:


(Credits to Jia Ying and Basil R Yap)

For some dank memes:

Instagram: @changicollege

FOLLOW @sutdlife on instagram!


SUTD Freshmore Welcome Guide

Everything you need to kickstart your time in SUTD!

Dialogue with Senior Management

Following last year’s execution of a productive dialogue between students and senior management, we aim to continue this initiative in developing a culture of design driven policy solutioning and collaboration within the SUTD community.

Post GRASS 12/2/19 Update

The GRASS session on Wednesday was great, and we heard a lot of feedback from you guys. In case you missed it, here is a summary of some of the common pain points for students in SUTD.