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Updated: February 2018
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Read This First

Number One Rule

You are prohibited from communicating any unlawful, harmful, offensive... You get it. Common Sense.

Number Two Rule

Please follow Marketing’s SUTD Identity Guidelines, which can be found in the Cache. In short, you're not recommended to use the SUTD logo. If you must, don't use the square one (only for transcripts) and notify Marketing early on.

Number Three Rule

Most of what you need should be documented below. If not, contact us to clarify any doubts.

Why Are You Doing This To Me?

We want to achieve the right balance between preventing unwanted spam and helping students publicize their initiatives.

Avenues For Publicity



Our weekly email newsletter, “tl;dr”, summarizes the events happening on campus in the current week. It also publicizes upcoming events (held on campus or internally-organised) and new opportunities (volunteering, scholarship, competitions etc.). “tl;dr” stands for “Too Long; Didn’t Read”, and also “The Latest Daily Roundup”.

It is sent out every Sunday night, to all students and staff of SUTD. The content that we include in the newsletter are publicity requests from both students and staff. If you wish to have your item included in our newsletter, please email by the previous night (Saturday 11:59pm) with the following:

  • An image or a poster of any dimension.
  • A one-sentence summary of your event/item to capture attention
  • Additional text and relevant links (if any)

We will only accept requests that have these requirements fulfilled, and reserve the right to decline any publicity request if we feel the content goes against any of our guidelines.

Please note that an event held on campus or is internally-organised will only appear in “tl;dr” at most twice – once under “New Event Broadcasts” in the subsequent week’s publication following your publicity request, and once under “Events of the Week” when your event’s date arrives. This is to keep “tl;dr” short and sweet, so it remains readable for all. But do not worry, we compound all events and opportunities on the Root website.


The following will apply for mass emails to the student population, from both clubs and individuals.


For established clubs, only club emails can be used for event publicity.

If you are involved in a multi-club event, ONLY the main organizing club is allowed to send emails.


You SHALL NOT send more than TWO emails for the same event or sub-event (if it is part of a bigger event). You are recommended to send one email at least one week before the actual event and then a final call or reminder email a day or two before the event.

It’s both to help you start informing people early and reduce spam.


500 KB (kilobytes) is the limit for mass emails.


Ensure you use the BCC to email, so as to avoid people accidentally hitting “Reply All” and spamming the whole school, which has happened before.

This is where you can find the BCC option in the Outlook web browser: where_to_bcc


You can advertise on the SUTD Facebook groups after your event is approved by the Events committee ( and your poster approved by the Communications committee, but post no more than twice about the same event. If it’s a multi-club event, each club should post no more than once. We may delete extra posts without notice.

Do approach any friendly Root member if you would like your post pinned i.e. kept at the top of the group’s newsfeed. However, do note that we will only be able to pin the post for a maximum period of one week, subject to our discretion.

Posters are still subject to guidelines at the Posters segment.





Banners are not allowed. Contact Office of Campus Development if you must have a banner for your event.


Subject to Number One Rule and Number Two Rule, you can draw whatever you like on the blackboards. Ask us if you can’t find the chalk. You must erase the blackboard after your event.

TV Screens

The TV screens around campus are under the charge of the Marketing Office. Approach them directly if you want to utilize the TV screens.


Do not notify us of your hacks. However, do keep them safe and ensure they do not cause permanent damage to school infrastructure.

Borrowing People's Things


You may approach Root to borrow items such as blazers, stationery, loudspeakers etc. Email to request for a list of available items and borrow equipment.

Intellectual Property

To minimize potential problems with copyright owners, you should do the following:

  • Use your own work, public domain work, copylefted work, or works under Creative Commons (follow the indications on the license).
  • If your work has other people as the subject (like a photo with your classmate eating sand), seek their permission to use it.
  • If a piece of work is so epic that you must use it, contact the original content creator for permission to use and attribute it to him/her. This applies especially for school-related works like those from Photographic Circle ( and Productions (

External Liaisons

In general, you should avoid becoming a lackey for external parties.


An external event is one neither conducted by SUTD employees or students nor held in the SUTD campus. If an external event is related to your student organization, is open for all SUTD students, and will benefit them, you may publicize it as long as you inform us.

Anything Else

Keep interactions with external parties confined to your student organization. If any external party wishes to address the SUTD student population, redirect them to us at If they are looking for students to represent them or work for them, redirect them to the Marketing Office or the Career Advancement Office.

SUTD Physical Branding

If you wish to produce wearables for your own student organization only, go ahead. Just make sure you follow the Number Two Rule.

Name Cards

For branding coherence, use the standard SUTD template. The easiest way to print name cards would be ordering through the Office of Student Life. Office of Student Life will email students once every term to collect name card orders, please keep a lookout at your email for this announcement. Note that you will have to pay for the name cards yourself.

Items For Sale

The Marketing Office has decided to retain control over all revenue-generating sales of items that use the SUTD brand. If you are deeply interested in selling such items, you may join the student Co-Op that they have initiated.

Designs for stationery can be submitted to SUTD Co-Op for them to sell.


The official SUTD font is Gotham.

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